Jen Jarson

16 Feb

This “innovator” label feels slightly uncomfortable.  It feels too big, I think.  Too grand.  Yet, when I think of innovators I find inspiring, I come up short on names, yet think easily of characteristics.  To me, an innovator is a creative problem solver with some gumption.  An innovator leads.  An innovator listens, learns, changes, introduces, responds, recognizes.  An innovators emboldens.  I hesitate to think of innovators as only big people with big accomplishments, but instead look for innovation (and inspiration) in big and small.  It’s less the who and more the what and the how of innovation that I find most inspiring.  In these terms of daily work, then, of listening, learning, leading, and problem solving, I feel somewhat more comfortable.

As Head of Public Outreach and Information Literacy Services in Trexler Library at Muhlenberg College, I work in a variety of areas and on a variety of projects: from information literacy to academic computing to web design to assessment to collection development and more.  I am especially interested in issues of information literacy, technology literacy, pedagogy, and student learning outcomes.  I find my work’s real opportunities (and challenges) lie in collaborating with such a wide variety of different groups (e.g., other library staff, faculty, administrators, and students) as we collectively address common issues and challenges.  I really look forward to working with and learning from you all in the Studio and beyond.


One Response to “Jen Jarson”

  1. Lisa Spiro February 16, 2012 at 9:22 pm #

    Great to have you in the Studio, Jen! I really like your definition of an innovator and your emphasis on collaboration.

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