Diane Klare

14 Feb


I have always thrived on learning and exploring fresh ideas, whether technology-related or not.  I am, I would say, the epitome of the stereotypical, perpetual student (just ask my spouse).  From my perspective, if you see an opportunity to try out something different (either as a joiner or a facilitator), and there’s little to lose, why not?  Perhaps that’s why I went through a significant shift in my career trajectory about ten years ago and left the banking sector for the academic library world.  In my current position at Wesleyan, I am continually amazed and intrigued at the continuing convergence of technology and libraries and the possibilities created by the types of tools now available.

I’ve already been involved in two ethnographic projects and have seen the real benefits of testing our assumptions (many of them flawed) before leaping forward with changes to our virtual and physical library presence on our campus.  At the same time, thanks to my previous background in the business world, I am also tempered by understanding the real need to think carefully about all facets of implementing an idea to make sure it’s done in the “leanest” and smartest way possible.  But I’m always game to try new tools that I think will help students (and faculty) wade through the piles of information coming at them from all directions in order to enhance the learning and teaching experience.

This studio will be an adventure for me – I look I look forward to using some of the innovative (to me) online tools to facilitate collaboration with the other members of my team and to work on a project that can bring real meaning to my campus community.


One Response to “Diane Klare”

  1. Lisa Spiro February 14, 2012 at 10:31 pm #

    It’s terrific to have you in the Studio, Diane! I like your emphasis on learning and willingness to try new things. We will likely draw on your ethnographic research expertise and familiarity with lean processes in the Studio.

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