NITLE Innovation Studio Coordinator: Lisa Spiro

9 Feb

Lisa SpiroAs director of NITLE Labs, I am keenly interested in helping liberal arts colleges craft innovative solutions to the challenges they are facing, such as demonstrating the value of liberal education, dealing with rising costs, shaping the role of the library in a digital age, and improving learning. My own record as an innovator (and passionate observer of innovation) includes launching the Digital Research Tools (DiRT) wiki, founding the Learning Science and Technology Repository (LESTER), authoring the Digital Scholarship in the Humanities blog, and introducing tools (such as Zotero) and methods (such as digital storytelling) to the community at Rice University (where I previously worked). I was awarded the Shapiro Staff Innovation Award by Rice University’s Fondren Library, served as a member of the Horizon Report Advisory Board, and was a Frye Leadership Institute fellow. For inspiration, I read widely (even while brushing my teeth), listen to podcasts (especially while doing housework), jot down random ideas, dig into things I don’t know much about, talk with smart people (particularly my husband Richard), take my aged but energetic dog for a walk (he insists), and play with my kids (Legos!).


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